Therapeutic Spiral Model

The TSM is a psychodrama model for working with trauma safely. Its focus is on interpersonal, relational trauma and it provides

  • a theoretical background of how trauma becomes embedded into the intrapsychic self-organization
  • interventions to provide containment
  • structures to establish safety and resources
  • templates to work with traumatic memories in a non-regressive way

In contrast to classical psychodrama with its emphasis on interpersonal dynamics, in TSM we focus on the intrapsychic dynamic. Experiencing overwhelming trauma leads to a fragmented and distorted self-organization that we want to support first, before (and during) addressing traumatic memories.


TSM is a non-regressive approach, meaning that we always track the client's inner state and support him/her to self-regulate and to stay rooted in an adult role while addressing traumatic memories or defenses. As the research on trauma therapy shows this is a crucial aspect for any trauma healing modality.


Working with deep trauma may require a one-to-one setting and the TSM  interventions, structures, and templates can be applied to both, a one-to-one setting and a group setting.


Today, trauma-informed approaches become more and more needed as we live in a world in turmoil. Trauma specific psychodrama in the hands of an experienced practitioner can add an important contribution to the well-being of individuals and the society.