The Therapeutic Spiral ModelTM

a psychodrama model for working safely with relational trauma

The processing of traumatic interpersonal experiences requires a gentle and structured approach that avoids regression and supports the experience of inner safety and containment. Classical psychodrama is a profound healing modality, yet it can easily overwhelm people who bring a history of trauma - either openly or covertly.


The Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) is a clinically modified form of psychodrama that has been designed to support people affected by relational trauma. It offers interventions, structures, and templates to direct the psychodramatic process into safe and contained ways.


The TSM was founded more than 20 years ago by Dr. Kate Hudgins and  other experienced psychodrama trainers and has been improved and refined ever since. It combines psychodrama with the insights of the Ego-State Therapy, and it provides a model that allows to work safely and yet deeply with traumatic experiences.


Axel Eichel, M.Sc., is a TSM Trainer, Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy, and Psychodrama Practitioner. In addition to the TSM his work is based on supporting people with attachment trauma (SATe) and developmental trauma (NARM).