Working safely with experiential therapy methods 2

- Trauma, Dissociation, and Containment 2 -



When using experiential therapy methods with people who have a history of trauma it is critical (!) to provide them adequate containment and safety. Otherwise, dissociation, uncontrolled regression, uncontrolled abreaction, or re-traumatization are likely to occur.


This is one of the two Level 1 TSM courses that focus specifically on how to create the safe environment in which deep trauma material can be addressed with safety and consciousness. 


In this course students will learn hands-on-tools and a deeper understanding of:


  • the 6 TSM safety structures
  • what containment is
  • different ways of providing containment for our client
  • the containing double
  • what dissociation is
  • how to address dissociation in our work
  • how to build up resources 


date: 27. - 29. March, 2015


location: Trondheim, Norway


instructor: Axel Eichel, Germany


language: english


fees & registration: please contact Mai Antonsen at