Training Program


The Therapeutic Spiral Institute under the guidance of Dr. Kate Hudgins offers a comprehensive, yet flexible training program that teaches you how to safely use experiential therapy methods when working with people affected by trauma. It is structured into 3 complementary levels and it is designed to meet your individual working situation.


You can learn structures, interventions, and templates whether you

  • work with groups or with single clients
  • focus your work on trauma or occasionally see clients with a history of trauma
  • want to receive a comprehensive training or want to add specific pieces to your therapeutic tool box.


You can

  • either participate in any Level-1 course that meets your specific needs as a stand-alone course,
  • or sign up for the trainings of an entire level including supervision and practica, and receive the international TSM certification.


The program is highly experiential meaning that you will learn many of the interventions and structures in action. Hence, there is lots of space for you to continue to work on your personal issues. The program is open to therapists, social workers, healing practitioners, and other psychological/clinical workers. A background in experiential therapy methods is helpful, but not mandatory.




Structure of the TSM Training Program




The Therapeutic Spiral Method is unique in a way that it is designed to work in a team whenever possible. It specifies three distinct team roles that contribute to one another and that correspond with the three training levels: Trained Auxiliary Ego (TAE)Assistant Leader (AL), and Team Leader (TL). This allows for a maximum of safety. 




The Level-1 courses provide you with a solid foundation about trauma and hands-on, experiential tools to

  • create safety and containment,
  • strengthen your client´s resources before addressing trauma material,
  • work with defenses,
  • work with trauma material,
  • understand the neurobiology of trauma and its implications for your work,
  • understand how trauma becomes embedded into the personality structure and how you can use this information to structure your work.


Also, you will learn the TSM step-by-step protocol to treat trauma in individual, couples, group, and family therapy. 


If you are going for the certification program you will understand and experience these topics on deeper and deeper levels through practica and supervision. Here, you will also learn how to be a Trained Auxiliary Ego on a TSM-Team. You will learn how to support others in their healing and how to play roles in a protagonist drama in a way that you co-direct the therapeutic direction of the drama through your role.


If you are not inclined to work with groups you can also make arrangements for practica in the setting you work.





The Level-2 courses focus on advanced clinical topics that often play out strongly when working with trauma:

  • projective identification
  • transference
  • counter-transference
  • directing according to diagnosis

Here, you will learn how to recognize these phenomena and how to use them actively in the service of the therapeutic process. In addition, there will be an entire workshop on directing practice under live-supervision.


If you are going for the certification program you will get deep hands-on experience of these topics and also learn how to be the Assistant Leader on a TSM-Team. During extensive practica and supervision you will learn how to

  • facilitate team and group warm-up
  • direct prescriptive roles dramas and transformative dramas
  • work with and incorporate the group into a protagonist drama

The Level-2 courses themselves will provide you with in-depth information that is important for both, group and single work. The practica, however, will focus on group work and directing protagonist dramas.





For Level-3 you will establish an individual training plan with your TSM-teacher consisting of practica and supervision. Key points will be on

  • facilitating TSM-healing workshops
  • leading a TSM-Team
  • directing trauma dramas


Here it is all about group work. You will weave it all together and learn the fine art of directing groups that provide the safety, the containment, and depth that is so sought-after by people affected by trauma.


For a full description of TSM roles and skills necessary for certification, please read the following pamphlets.

Please note, demonstrating the skills listed in the checklists below are the determining factor for becoming certified in any of the three levels - not attending the courses themselves. This is to ensure the high quality and safety.



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For certification supervision is required at least once a month. Supervision can only be given by TSM-Trainers; either in person, via skype, or via telephone. Trainers determine their individual fees.





To enroll in the TSM certification program an intake interview and an application fee to the Therapeutic Spiral Institut is required - together 100 Euros.