Making Friends with Defenses

- How to Address and Work with the Defenses around the Trauma -


People affected by trauma often develop unconscious strategies to avoid the intense emotions related to the trauma. These defense mechanisms function like a buffer around the helplessness, despair, and horror of the trauma and they provide a sense of stability and safety. While very important during the time of trauma later on in life they prohibit a deeper healing and cause disrupted and unsatisfying lives. 


When working with trauma it is very likely that the defenses will show up and get in the way of the therapeutic process. Then it is important to address these defenses yet not to get caught in them.


In this course students will learn hands-on tools and a deeper understanding of:


  • the 3 categories of defenses (survival, compulsion, maladaptive behaviour)
  • how to recognize and address a defense mechanism
  • the Defense Manager to gently move it aside
  • how to support clients to consciously decide not to use their defense mechanism




27. - 29. May, 2016

Friday 3pm - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 7pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm



Szenen Institut for Psychodrama

Barbarossaplatz 7

50674 Cologne, Germany



Axel Eichel, Germany

Caitlin Buon, England


language: English with occasional translation into German, if required


participants: min 5 - max 12


tuition fee: 260 Euros


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